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Čeligo Residence

is a family-run 4* superior boutique hotel, designed for a small number of guests who desire privacy, peace and relaxation. It is characterized by its interesting architecture, which combines the modern atmosphere with the antique, unique and sophisticated ambience where every little detail is carefully selected and integrated into a harmonious whole.

Charaterized by stories
The story of Čeligo Residence began many years ago with a dream and lives on today in an elegant and cozy hotel "with a soul". Here you'll find, all in one place, royal comfort, genuine familiar hospitality, exquisite cuisine, local costal ingredients, natural materials, such as wood and Istrian stone, and the most modern technological resources. Every room, every space and every decorative element has its own story.  They talk about  history, traditions, dreams, people and the carefully selected details, which represent Čeligo Residence. And where would you prefer to wake up?

Salt pan story in Čeligo Residence
Salt pans Fazan used to stretch out in today's Čeligo Residence’s location . They are part of the unique cultural and natural Istrian heritage. The story talks about the ancient techniques of salt exstraction you can meet in every residence corner - in rooms, honouring one of the salt-making tools, in the salt pans panoramas that will enchant you from the photo  pictures on the wall and the paintings that give the atmosphere a very special character.

Environmentally friendly
We follow the implementation of sustainable environmental policies and the reduction of harmful impacts on the environment, which is the reason why our infrastructure and business operations have been adapted as well. We use an energy-saving system,  have elaborated a system of waste separation, recycle waste materials, use green cleaning products and local producers’ fresh seasonal ingredients.